Dude where's my PFE?

I was a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft. This is legacy stuff. I'm transitioning to big data. Transition with me at http://libromagica.com/

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    <updated 7.29.2013 for updated NETSH and WPR commands, thanks Carl Luberti!> So at a customer location the following question was posed to me: “In our VDI environment, how do we capture trace information? How can we set a capture for the network and xperf the user can start (or logon...
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    Edited! So someone had this question.  It’s a good one.  I didn’t know the answer so I found out….   Articles here and here would indicate that network traffic should be both intermittent and light.  So….lets check it out. The Test:   I built a Windows 8 VM in my lab.  Updated...
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    As requested by several customers, I’m putting up a list of tools I find useful in troubleshooting, etc… First up…. Data Gathering I use the following tools to gather data from systems.  Each has its own place, much like a mechanic has many tools, so does the average engineer… PFE MPS Reports . ...