Dude where's my PFE?

I was a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Tip of the Day–Bitlocker

    Today’s tip… Previously, BitLocker encryption has been an ‘all or nothing’.  Either a volume was completely encrypted or it was not.  Windows 8 brings us a new option, ‘Encrypt Used Disk Space Only’.  Just like it sounds, this option allows us to encrypt only the parts of the volume that...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Tip of the Day–Bitlocker PIN

    Today’s tip… While it still requires administrative privileges to configure BitLocker, with Windows 8, standard users can now by default change their own PIN/Password.  It is recommended that this be used in conjunction with the ‘Configure use of passwords’ GPO setting to enforce length and complexity...