Dude where's my PFE?

I was a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft.

May, 2012

  • The Dude does TechEd 2012 North America and Europe this year.

    I’ve got 2 session spots this year: and In North America, I’ll have a guest speaker for AAP303, the very own Clint Huffman has agreed to speak.  And I might have a surprise or two for the ADK session as well, we’ll see. Look forward to seeing folks...
  • RunAsRadio.com spot

    The Dude did a spot on RunAsRadio.com!  Check it out!

  • A visit to the SPA

    Server Performance Advisor 3.0.  We love it, we hate it, we didn’t want to watch the video on Channel9 …. So the Dude was kind enough to blog about it.  This is a tool, that is still sort of new, but can provide some valuable information into...
  • TechStravaganza 2012, now with added flair!

    In the immortal words of Ali-G, buyakasha! Check it out, TechStravagana 2012 Atlanta is coming soon to the Microsoft office in Alpharetta! Much more information, including registration is located here: http://www.atltechstravaganza.com/ . But below...