Dude where's my PFE?

I was a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft.

October, 2008

  • Repeating 623 version store error.

    Applies to Exchange 2003 I had a case a couple weeks ago I thought I'd write about. What was happening is the Version Store would run out of memory and a 623 error would throw. Version Store buckets allocated would climb from 4 to over 2000 in less...
  • How to fix smashed schema in Exchange 2003

    Dan and I and some other engineers wrote up a blog post you can find here on how to recover from a smashes schema scenario on your Exchange Servers. It's pretty succinct so I don't have anything to add to it, it's an interesting read though.
  • How to determine who is connecting to your server in cached mode.

    Applies to: Exchange 2000/2003 This may seem like a basic thing to some people, but for those who don't know, here goes. This can be easily done by running Exmon, available here . So download Exmon and fire it up on your Exchange Server. Go...