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February, 2012

  • OPSMGR 2007: Service Level Dashboard Installation Rollbacks

    If you have used the Service Level Dashboard then you know if can be really powerful tool. If you have not , please refer the link:
  • SCVMM 2008 /R2 Get-VMHost sometimes does not returning full list of VMs

    This one is rather interesting, Came across an issue where when we call of the property of the VMHost is the VMS, which is esentially the list of VirtualMachines running on host. Apparently the List is not completely populated. Apparently...
  • SCCM / SMS : Collections not refreshing

    One of the common issues i have seen over the years when all of a sudden the collections would not refresh and collection membership would not update.You might simply see the hour glass on the collections, Generally nothing was changed on existing collections...
  • Rebirth :: Back from the Ashes

    Finally !! ready for the second innings after a two year break. Lots of exciting ideas and stuff to share. Thanks for all the great comments which really helped to kick start the blog again. I hope i do not disappoint folks out there !!