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November, 2009

  • SQL MP guide updated

    I recently mentioned that we're changing how MP guides are released. The SQL Server Management Pack is the first to take advantage of the new system by making an update to the guide without repackaging the management pack .msi. Just download the .doc to get the latest guide - no need to download the .msi again (the MP hasn't changed). 

  • Visual Basic 2008 Express: Build a Program Now! sample files

    I decided to try to learn Visual Basic, so I picked up a book that looked promising: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now! I've been working through the chapters. In chapter 6, (adding a splash screen) it instructs you to replace the default icon with one from the companion files for the book.

    Time to go out and install them, so I flip back to the start of the book to the instructions. The book says to download them from http://www.microsoft.com/mspress/companion/9780735625419. Dead link. I did a search, it pointed me to that same URL. Fortunately, search also surfaced a discussion thread where someone else was hunting for this download and someone else replied "Look here and click the "Companion Content" tab!".

    So I thought I'd share.

  • MP guides to be separate download

    A sharp-eyed blogger (Pete Zerger) noticed a change in our management pack download pages. Here's what's going on:

    • Guides will be available as a separate download, on the same download page as their respective management packs.
    • For a short period of time, guides will still be in the .msi as well. Eventually, the guide will only be available as a separate download and won't be in the .msi package at all. (Why not immediately? It's going to take time for us to communicate this to every team that does a management pack, and we don't want to delay any releases by making a team repackage the .msi just because it still has a guide in it.)

    One benefit that we hope to achieve with this is to make it easier and faster for teams to make changes and fixes to the documentation. In our old method, a guide fix meant completely repackaging and retesting the .msi. Now, the .msi won't change so updating the guide will be much less effort.