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November, 2008

  • Active Directory Management Pack: which ones to import

    The latest Active Directory Management Pack package includes management packs for monitoring Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. Each server version has a .Discovery management pack and a .Monitoring management pack. You may decide that, since you're only monitoring Windows Server 2003 (for example), you won't bother importing any of the other server version management packs, only to have a problem because Operations Manager tells you that you're missing some required management packs -- what's going on?

    Even if you are only planning to monitor one server version of Active Directory, you must still import all three .Discovery management packs. The monitoring management packs require all three discovery management packs to support the workflow for replication monitoring.
  • Authoring management packs

    Working on management pack guides, my attention is generally on how you can use the management packs we create at Microsoft. Next week, however, I'm attending a daylong workshop on authoring management packs. I'm hoping to learn a lot (unless it all goes over my head!).

    But if I didn't have the opportunity of this workshop, how would I go about learning to create management packs? Well, first I would download the System Center Authoring Console. Next, I would download and read the Management Pack Authoring Guide. Finally, I would take advantage of all the great resources at the AuthorMPs site.

    I'll let you know next week how the workshop goes!