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May, 2008

  • Management pack guides online

    The Management Pack Guide library is now live on TechNet. About half (23) of the Operations Manager 2007 guides are available in the library now, with the rest to be added over the next few weeks. The guides are organized into Operating Systems & Technologies and Server Products for easier browsing.

    I almost forgot to add...we've included the Community Content widget on all of the online guides, which means you can add tags and submit your own content to enhance the information in the guides.

  • News on the SP1 management packs

    I posted last month about the "missing" management pack guides for the management packs that were included with SP1, and finally have progress to report. As I stated, our goals were to:

    1. Make the guides available online - and I hope to have an update post on that goal very soon!
    2. Update the guides with any changes made when the management packs were shipped with Operations Manager SP1 - done!
    3. Post the SP1 management packs with their updated guides on the download center.

    We've packaged the individual management packs with their updated guides, and the first batch has appeared on the Operations Manager 2007 Catalog:

    More should be added to the catalog shortly!

  • Version numbers of management packs (pt 2)

    Previously, I learned what management packs version numbers mean, but that will be changing in the near future. Coming soon, the part of the version number that was previously tied to the version number of Operations Manager (6.0.6278.22) will be the version number of the management pack, and the part that was the management pack version (6.0.6278.22) will be incremented for updates to the management pack.

    The details page for the download and the management pack guide will establish the required version of Operations Manager.

  • Adding change logs to management pack guides

    If you've downloaded a recently updated management pack for Ops Mgr 2007, such as the SQL 2000/2005 MP, you might have noticed something new in the accompanying guide. We've begun adding lists of the specific changes made to the updated MP. And as a subsequent update is released, we're adding the new changes while still retaining the previous change log, so you get lists of all changes since the original release.

    That's the idea, but of course it isn't feasible to accomplish it for updates that were released before we added changes to the guides. But look for it in management pack updates going forward!*

    *Caveat: I can only commit to change logs in guides for MPs from our team, which is currently producing MPs for SQL, Exchange, and various server technologies such as DHCP, DNS, Terminal Services, and so on. That's the extent of my "authority". But another part of my job is to put together guidelines and standards for management pack guides and strongly encourage other teams across the company that produce management packs to incorporate them in their guides. So if you download an update to a management pack (from this point on) and its guide doesn't tell you what changed in the management pack, feel free to email mpgfeed expressing your disappointment. I'll forward it to the appropriate content team, so they'll be aware that customers want it.