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December, 2007

  • From DPM to Ops Manager

    If you read this in an RSS feed, you won't have seen that my blog description has changed -- I'm moving from the Data Protection Manager (DPM) team to the Operations Manager team, focusing on management packs.

    This opens up a whole new world of stuff for me to blog about. I need to learn things like: what makes a good management pack? What makes a good management pack guide? How do administrators use the management pack guides? If you have any thoughts on these questions, please drop me a line at mpgfeed(AT)microsoft.com.

    If you read this blog primarily for DPM information, the DPM posts will still be available by clicking the System Center Data Protection Manager tag, and of course the DPM product team's blog is a great resource.

  • "The American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide"

    This isn't a computer-related post, more like a public service announcement. I'm a Microsoftie, but I'm also a veteran -- twenty years active duty in the Air Force. (Microsoft is actually the first civilian company I've ever worked for, which amuses me when I think about it -- consider the contrast!) Anyway, having been there, I sympathize with those trying to navigate the various agencies of the military branches, DOD, and the VA, so when I heard about this resource, I wanted to share it.

    Wait -- I can relate this to computers -- it's an e-book!

    No ordering or shipping or searching, just a download. Bobby Muller of "Veterans for America" posts a bit of the story behind it.

    It's an amazing effort for these folks to gather all this information and make it available, but it's even more important that the people who need the information get the word. So if you are a vet or know a vet, check out The American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide: How to Cut Through the Bureacracy And Get What You Need--And Are Entitled To