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An end to stupidity - the solution to the Crimson Room puzzle

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I have been enlightened. Herewith is the solution to the Crimson Room puzzle, but it's been “rot13”ized.

(What's that, you say? rot-13? That means each letter has been replaced with the letter 13 characters later in the alphabet. A is replaced with N; Z is replaced with M; etc. For UNIX users, this is translated easily with the “tr” command, to wit:

tr [a-mn-zA-MN-Z] [n-za-mN-ZA-M] < sourcefile > destfile

If you don't have UNIX, install SFU, save this text, then do the rot13 thing.)

And if you want to watch a lot of other people struggle, see here and here.

Here are the instructions.

Lbh cvpx hc 2 evatf: 1 snyyf sebz gur phegnva (xrrc bcravat naq pybfvat vg),
1 evat vf ba gur objy arkg gb gur fgrerb

2 xrlf (tbyq naq fvyire): 1 xrl vf ba gur jvaqbj, 1 haqre gur cvyybj

PQ Pnfr: Va gur qenjre, lbh qba'g arrq vg

Cbjre-Pubeq: Hfr gur xrlf gb bcra gur qenjre

Zvfgrel Obk: Hfr gur bgure xrl gb bcra gur qenjre

Beqvanel Xrl: Cyht gur cbjre pubeq vagb PQ cynlre naq bcra gur pq fybg, gurer
vf nabgure xrl

Zrgny Ebq: Yvsg gur cvyybj naq ba gur orq, gurer vf n zrgny ebq

Onggrel: Ba gur sne fvqr bs gur orq

Pnffrgr: Orybj gur qrfx juvpu fhccbegf gur PQ cynlre

Svg gur evatf & zrgny ebq ba gur zvfgrel obk. Bcra zvfgrel obk, svg va
pnffrggr cynlre naq onggrel, cynl gur zbivr

Gur qnapvat zna cbvagf gb n fcbg ba gur fperra. Zbhfr pyvpx gung cbvag.

Bcra gur erpgnathyne fybg. Gur pbqr vf 1994, hfr gur xrl bcra gur fnsr

Lbh trg n fperj qevire va gur fnsr

Hfr gur fperj qevire gb penpx gur qbbe naq tb bhg.

  • Okay, Zrgny Ebq: Yvsg gur cvyybj naq ba gur orq, gurer vf n zrgny ebq.... my ass!


  • Never mind; I found it. Very small click spots, there.

  • Yep. I needed help with that one step; the rest I could figure out.

    (glad you had no trouble with the rot13 thing; always nice to see a fellow UNIX geek)

  • Mike:

    have you checked orgjrra gur orqcbfg naq gur orq?

  • whoops....should refresh before I comment...

    I ended up hand translating in notepad :)

  • Skip SFU, and go to:

    Unless, of course, you want to keep beating your brains out trying to find the very tiny hotspots. :-)

  • The Crimson Room puzzle has been making its rounds in the blogs today. It starts out as an interesting puzzle, but as you can see there are a lot of people having trouble. If you want a spoiler, you can...

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    Line du jour:

  • V nyfb sbhaq gung vs lbh ner hfvat gur uggc://jjj.qngnpensg.pb.wc/gnxntvfz/pevzfba_ebbz/pevzfba_ebbz.fjs yvax, lbh pna evtug-pyvpx naq pubbfr cynl ng pregnva cbvagf gb fxvc nurnq. Sbe vafgnapr, V qvq vg juvyr jngpuvat gur zbivr, naq tbg gb ybbxvat ng gur qbbe.. gura qvq vg ntnva naq V jnf bhg (rira jvgu ab fperjqevire)

  • Thank you.

  • Be lbh pna whfg hfr gno naq svaq nyy bs gur ubgfcbgf ;)

  • What the hell is the combination?

  • Look at the memo. Follow the URL. Read the page. There's a number on it.