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How to feel stupider than everyone else, part 2

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So I posted a pointer to a really cool flash-based puzzle which had stumped me for an hour. An hour later (admittedly, only intermittent attention paid to puzzle), four people have already commented that they've solved it.

I like to think I'm a smart guy, but I'm feeling stupider every minute.

  • apparently I'm even more stupid. I've been on it about 45 min. and haven't the slightest clue how to get past the animation on the wall thing.

  • stupid++ can't get the box to do anything, maybe tomorrow. I think I'm missing some object, I picked up: 2 rings, 3 keys, 1 tape, 1 cd case, 1 red box, 1 battery. Anything else I need?

  • Where did you pick up the 2nd ring? I' finding it difficult to hit the hotspots - very particular.

  • Never mind. The hotspots are just way too small to make this anything more than irritating.

  • Wherecan i find the battery?

  • Wherecan i find the battery?

  • The battery is between the mattress and the bed, on the pillow side. I'm not sure where the hotspot is, just clicked everywhere around that area to try and find it...

  • Answer:
    Its safe to click; its been rot-13ized.

  • okay this is exactly how to find the battery you look at the wall not the bed the open wall now there is a cornerlike column there now at the botom of the corner click around in that area and it shouldnt take long to find the battery

  • most annoying game ever to exist.
    Okay...if you want an obvious hint as to not ruin the game-it is absolutely essential that you go to the url given.
    There is also an OUTDATED version of the game...if the url on the memo is right side up and goes to something like...rr/history.html, etc, that's the old one, go to for the good version.

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