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How do you keep a web surfer busy for hours?

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Send them here. Don't blame me if their weekend disappears.
  • how do you get out of that room?

  • Dunno. I've been trying for an hour or so. That's the whole point. :-)

  • Aaaaargh. Thanks ;-), now if someone could tell me how to get out, cause this is all too familiar.

  • Have either of you got to where the box thing shows some moving picture of a guy on the wall? I think I've collected all the pieces you can get...but still can't open the door

  • I got out... cracking the safe was a little challenging. Very cool site though.

  • "cracking the safe?" the little red box or an actual 'safe' of some kind? now I'm frustrated... :(

  • You get to the safe after opening the red box. Sorry man, I don't think I can offer any more insight since it is more fun just to get through it on your own.

  • aaaargh, the first time google disappoints me! How do I find the CD, how to play the cassette, grrrr

    Let's get productive man, instead of spending my time on this game. Can we reverse engineer flash movies?

  • I didn't think you needed to find a CD. I thought you just had to find the power chord to get the cd tray out to get the key.

  • Reminds me of Escape of Monkey Island.
    The thing is that the message at the end isn't very clear telling how to get into the escaped person list...

  • well, one thing is for certain...there is no strange thing. :)

  • I sense a Wiki coming on...

  • If anyone does build a Wiki for this, please let me know where it pops up...

  • What's the point of the URL memo? Help!

  • It's where to go to see who else escaped from the room. I just sent the guy email to claim victory and to tell him just how many Microsoft developer-hours got vaporized today by his little page. :-)