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Microsoft Research releases source code to "Allegiance" MORPG game

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A couple of years back, Microsoft Research built a game called “Allegiance”. It was a multiplayer on-line RPG set in a rather complex space/colonies/races milieu. Pretty cool, but never really caught on. A hard-core user base evolved, but the game didn't really hit big.

I just saw that Microsoft Research has released the game source code to community. The release is governed by a Shared Source license that prohibits commercial use; that is, you can't take the source, tweak it, build a new game and sell that. But the hard-core gamers who love Allegiance can now build new servers, add extensions, whatever.

That's pretty darn cool.

  • If the game is free, is it still legal to charge for access to specific servers?

  • Is there a link to main Allegiance site?


    Here it is

  • AndrewSeven asks "If the game is free, is it still legal to charge for access to specific servers?"

    I'm not a lawyer; read the license yourself. Better yet, have your lawyer read it. My opinion is irrelevant. (Since you asked: charging for access to a server running the licensed code sounds like commercial use of the licensed code to me. But that's my uninformed, irrelevant, non-binding opinion.)

  • Am I correct in my assumption that it is written in C++?

  • I don't know what it's written in. Probably C++, though. Definitely not C#; there's no dependency on the .NET framework.

  • Where is the binary, oh and the{8788EBE2-4B00-4FBE-AF70-9A4459B1E594} link doesnt work for downloading the source.

  • I doubt the binary is available pre-built from Microsoft; I'm pretty sure the company stopped selling the product.

    The link worked for me, but it's probably easier to go in through the one I posted.