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Another techno toy to buy - gotta getta SPOT watch

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On Friday I sat through a one-hour internal talk on the SPOT technology, the new MSN Direct service the company just rolled out, and the first products built to use it - the SPOT watches from Abacus, Fossil and Suunto.

Based on specs, I figured I'd need to get the Suunto; I'm a sailor, so I need something water-resistant and really well-built. But before I plunked down the bucks, I was hoping I could read some reviews, see some photos, that kind of thing. Lo and behold, Brian Johnson just bought one and not only talked about it but also posted photos.

The Suunto watch is recharged through a cable, but it looks like it's an ordinary USB connection on the other side. If it's voltage/current compatible with standard USB, then travelling with one of these suckers becomes much easier; like my cell phone, it just charges from my laptop, no additional wall-wart needed. Slick.

Another toy. I can hold off on the Xbox extender, since I don't have a Media Center PC, but I think I hear the watch calling my name... right now. :-)

Dang it.

  • Yup, it's a standard USB cable and you can recharge from a laptop.

    Have fun. :)