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  • Blog Post: New webcast - DPM plus Virtual Server

    On August 30th, I finally get to talk about two of my favorite technologies in the same session - data protection and virtualization. For the past several years, two areas of computing continually get hotter and hotter - storage and virtualization. And if I wasnt a "backup guy", I would most certainly...
  • Blog Post: Resellers and Integrators - back up your customers !

    Last week, I spoke at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. It wasn't my normal 60-90 minutes on " Protecting SQL " or " Protecting Exchange " or even just an overview of DPM. This time, I was just 15 minutes of a " Business Opportunities in Windows Virtualization " - specifically, teaching...
  • Blog Post: DPM 2010 Appliance from i365

    One of the announcements made at MMS 2010 last week was from i365, a Seagate company, who announced a DPM 2010 appliance. The i365 appliance, called the EVault for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager or EDPM for short.  Here are few cool things about the EDPM appliance : 1)  Take...