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System Center Data Protecton Manager (DPM) and Essentials (SCE) dude ... as well as Husband, Father, Gamer, Geek, Scout leader, Christ follower and Microsoft marketeer

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    DPM 2007 has a really simple licensing model: DPM Server - for the back-end platform(s) Standard DPML - for file protection Enterprise DPML - for file and application platform There aren't any Open File managers, library agents, etc. You don't have to buy # Exchange Agents, #...
  • Blog Post: How does DPM really protect data?

    Just because you know how DPM 2006 works ... you don't know DPM 2007. That statement is a little bold, since many folks know both products -- but lately, I have heard a surprisingly large number of assumptions from people on how DPM2007 does what it does -- or what its capabilities actually will be...
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    Today (actually yesterday) marks five years for me at Microsoft.   It’s been an amazing adventure so far and as usual for anniversaries, it seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago that I started. At the time, I was a Microsoft MVP in File System and Storage technologies – which is the...