All Backed Up

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July, 2009

  • Webcast on Thursday – Cheaper, Better Backups with DPM 2007

    On Thursday morning (yes tomorrow), I’ll be delivering a webcast on reducing costs and improving your backup and recoverability with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM).
  • Game Recommendation : LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS

    As promised, I did receive LEGO Battles for Fathers Day – so I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this game.  My sons have both been into LEGO for a few years – and of course, I played with them when I was a kid. We have collectively played through...
  • DPM and I are coming to Africa !

    This has been an exciting month for me and DPM on two fronts: First, for Fiscal Year 2010 (starting last week at Microsoft), I am re-focusing exclusively on DPM within System Center and will not be also driving Windows Server file services or Windows...