Guys and Girls - A new book from Microsoft Press to add to your reading list. I am going to try some of the techniques to some-how make sense of my busy diary....although I am still booked out until December !

ISBN:  9780735623439

Author:  Sally McGhee and John Wittry

Pages:  368


Get expert advice and take back control of your life and workday! You’ll learn how to manage all of your communications, action items, and interactions by using proven time management and productivity techniques and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

If you’re bogged down by unrelenting e-mail messages, conflicting commitments, and endless interruptions, it’s not too late to reclaim control of your workday and take back your life! By applying the same time management and productivity techniques used by leading companies, you can better manage all of your communications, action items, and interactions. In this book, productivity expert Sally McGhee shows you how to take control and reclaim something you thought you had lost forever: your work-life balance. Now you can benefit from Sally’s popular and highly regarded corporate education programs, learning simple but powerful techniques for rebalancing your personal and professional commitments by using the latest productivity features in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Learn the proven methods that empower you to clear away distractions and loose ends and focus on what’s really important to you and your business. You will discover what defines, and what limits, your personal productivity and learn how to create your own management system. Examine how you collect and store information, process and organize your e-mail messages for efficiency, and plan and prioritize with the calendar features in Office Outlook 2007. Learn what thousands of people worldwide have discovered about taking control of their everyday productivity, and start transforming your own life today! Includes a tear-out poster of the proven McGhee Productivity Solutions Workflow Model suitable for keeping right next to your desk.

Key Book Benefits:

  • Helps you understand what defines, and what limits, your personal productivity

  • Demonstrates how to make Office Outlook 2007 part of an effective and highly personalized system for managing the constant stream of information that flows across your desktop

  • Delivers the same powerful personal organization techniques from a popular corporate training class taught in some of the world’s most successful companies

  • Offers an engaging, easy-to-read style for users of all levels

  • Applies concepts and models from the fields of behavioral psychology and education

About the Authors:

A recognized thought leader and innovator in the field of productivity management, Sally McGhee has trained thousands of people in the corporate environment. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant and an executive coach, and is the founder and CEO of McGhee Productivity Solutions.

John Wittry is an executive consultant working with senior level executives in Fortune 500 companies, and a major contributor to service and product development for McGhee Productivity Solutions. His 15 years’ experience as a senior manager sparked his passion for productivity as part of corporate culture.