Did you know that  Microsoft is 30 years old !. Well Jonathan of the Microsoft office Word Teams Blog has a great blog entry around this which James brought to my attention. It actually has Bill Gates first business card posted up their....cool. Talking of Birthdays, it is my husbands soon and I am looking to get a Satellite Navigation system for him. However his phones on its last legs as well. So I am thinking of looking at the O2 XDA Orbit as blogged about my Jason Langridge. This looks like a good phone but I would have to of course then buy a bluetooth GPS device. However if I want a all in one solution i could go for the HTCP3300, as reviewed by Paul at Modaco. I must admit I like the movement towards "all in one" devices. They are convenient to have everything (MP3,Sat Nav, Phone, Pocket Pc platform) all in one place. Obviously the killer here will be Battery life. But in comparison to where we were just a few years ago this has come on in leaps and bounds. So any suggestions gratefully received with regards to what SatNav\SmartPhone\PocketPc Windows Mobile device I should take the plunge with.