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JamesU on Microsoft's commitment to create sustainedsocial and economic opportunity for the next 5 billion

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    I spent the last week in China learning more about Internet Cafés (or iCafés) , which are becoming a key area of focus for the Unlimited Potential Group. This is part of our “shared access”strategy, where we are developing solutions for computers that are shared by a large number of people throughout...
  • Blog Post: Recent Recap (Rural)

    I was out of the office over the last 5 weeks, and during that time we had a lot going on in the Unlimited Potential Group, especially around some of our efforts involving rural computing. For starters, we have posted a video and have engaged in a public discussion around Digital Green , an agriculture...
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    A group of people from Microsoft's Unlimited Potential team are heading out to Western China next week to raise awareness on a firsthand basis around issues involving the digital divide for rural communities in emerging market countries. You can learn more about the project on the UP home page . The...