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  • Blog Post: Passion: or "What the hell am I doing here ? "

    I've been on holiday for a few days. Before I went, I met a visiting school group. I was asked to talk for 10 minutes on "Why software is exciting" and - let's be honest here - not everyone thinks it is exciting. What I could talk about was why software excites me and why being excited matters. One of...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Virtualization User Group

    I think I can claim a first for the UK, we have a Microsoft Virtualization User Group.   I'll wait and see if anyone from another Microsoft subsidiary corrects me and says their has been running for years. When we recording our Podcast , Jonathan told me that there is a well established VMware user...
  • Blog Post: Vista security tips

    I promised Arthur that I would tell people about the Microsoft Unified Communications and RTC user group, UK, which goes by the Snappy name of MucUgUK , it's early days for the user group, but if you're interested in RTC or Unified Communications that's the place to go. Arthur also sent me a collection...