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On the superiority of Windows vista.

On the superiority of Windows vista.

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One of the ways to divide I meet is break them into the "Stallers and Installers". I meet plenty of people who have installed are running Windows Vista. No OS is perfect, but those who have made the move to Vista seem to be happier there than they were with XP. The others divide into the very few who tried it and didn't like it, a few more who couldn't make it work with a specific app or device. Device support has come a long way in the last year: the present nVidia drivers work well but the initial ones were simply dreadful. With SP1 just around the corner the time is probably here for those who had a bad experience

What does surprises me is number who haven't even bothered to look at it, and the excuses I hear. I've had people whose companies have bought the right to move up to Vista telling me they're not doing it because of the cost (they're looking at the retail cost for one copy on the high street) without realizing they've paid for it. A couple of people at the BETT show last week said Vista wasn't stable, so they wouldn't try it. Monthly service packs cause my laptop to reboot about every other month; it goes into sleep or hibernate a couple of times a day but it's been an age since I initiated a reboot. Outlook and Internet explorer hardly ever close - I have 35 pages open in one instance of IE right now and 28 windows open. This workload would bring XP to it's knees. Unstable indeed !

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  • OK. we on the first and last points we can put things to rest. Although on office 2k7 you can deploy with ODF support, or set the default to Office 97 compatible.

    I think I've painted myself into a bit of a corner with "Stallers and Installers". Stallers are perfectly capable of moving forward and don't. Not everyone is in position to do, and some don't fit in either category. I may also have been unfair on pouncing on you for something I thought you were saying, but weren't. If you were pointing to BECTA to prove theres a large group who don't fit in stallers or installers, then we agree and we've been at cross purposes. I took it that you were using "BECTA say don't do vista" as an attack on the product.

    If Oakleigh had a bias, then as change management consultants you'd expect them to say that change was hard and needed the services of a change management consultant. So I'm sceptical of their creditibility and BECTA's, but the main thrust of the report - that constraints of hardware prevent schools deploying vista, even though it has some desirable features is one I agree with.

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