James Senior at Microsoft: Like a kid in a candy store

September, 2008

  • BMW prototype the fabric car

  • Windows Live Wave 3 Beta!

    LiveSide gave me the headsup on the new Windows Live Wave 3 Beta available here .  This version contains Movie Maker Beta which now falls into the Windows Live portfolio.  Previously, it was included with Windows Vista, but I get the feeling...
  • Customized Experiences on Windows Live

      I was rebuilding my Lenovo X61 Tablet today and took a quick peek at the ThinkVantage Productivity Suite (one of the tools that come with Lenovos).  I noticed that the first link in the list of items was "Experience Lenovo.live.com"...
  • Trendy PCs on the catwalk

    Some rather cool PCs got shown off last week in Vegas at the PROJECT fashion show.  I really like the Asus F6V and the HP Touchsmart – the Asus even emits a scent! interesting! ComputerWorld has all the details !
  • Start-ups don’t use Microsoft?

    Last week I watched one of my favourite bands – Turin Brakes - play a free gig in Camden, London .  They were headlining at Intel’s Studio ; a competition for unsigned bands to win a record deal. When they came on stage they told us they haven’t...
  • From Flash to Silverlight

    One of the most common things we get asked about is how designers and developers can take their Flash skills and apply them to Silverlight.  We’ve been listening to you and have come out with “Project Rosetta” – a website and set of tutorials that...
  • Zune 3 gets “buy from FM” feature

    Wow this is cool.  The new Zune (v3) has a feature that allows you to purchase and download a song that you just heard on the radio!  More info here . Still only available in the US, but eventually it’ll make it to Europe.
  • Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 for £38.95

    www.theultimatesteal.co.uk Cheap like the budgie, for university and college students and staff!  You need an email address that ends with .ac.uk.  Offer runs until 30th June 2009! Go, go, go!
  • Bill and Jerry Part 2

    Just in case you missed it. Normal people, just like me and you...
  • Financial Services Craziness

    Seems like a great time to pick up a bargain in Financial Services.  Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch this week for $USD 50 billion and now there are talks of Lloyds TSB merging with HBOS – wow! Currently, the market values HBOS at £10 billion...
  • Advanced Editing in Office Live

    Tim Kimber, the UK Product Manager for Office Live has put together a cool tutorial on using some of the advanced editing features in Office Live that you can use to create your own websites.  He’s created www.eco-crisis.co.uk as a test. Remember...
  • Loving the new features in Virtual Earth

    I’m preparing this morning for a keynote tomorrow at the Pisces conference in Edinburgh and I’ve had two delightful experiences .  Firstly I arrived at the new Microsoft Scotland offices in the city center of Edinburgh, which I have to say are beautiful...
  • Virtual Earth at Pisces

    Just got off stage in Edinburgh where I delivered a presentation on Virtual Earth.  The topic of conversation was about openness and standards and I was on stage after Gerry Gavigan, the Chairman from the open source consortium .  He talked...
  • New Virtual Earth Intellisense helper

    Hot on the heels of the open source stuff being talked about of the last couple of days and Microsoft have released an open source Intellisense helper for Virtual Earth on CodePlex (that’s Microsoft’s community for open source software projects. The helper...
  • Microsoft Surface is Hammer-proof

    Well, MC Hammer proof at least.  He was spotted “surfacing it up” this week at TechCrunch50 in San Fran. Did you know the Surface team have a blog? Check it !
  • Buy once, play everywhere

    Buy once, play everywhere.  When it comes to digital content like movies, music and games it sounds like Nirvana.  No matter what my device, no matter what platform it's running I can listen to my tunes, watch my movies or TV programs when I...
  • Sony TV Art

    Loving the new TV/Picture frames from Sony – the E4000 Series as they call it - comes in various sizes up to 40”, is 1080p, comes with preinstalled art, can be used as a TV and you can upload your own art/photos via USB. All it’s missing is the Live Mesh...
  • Countdown to PDC2008

    Channel 9 coverage of PDC content.  Looking good! Register and find out more about PDC here. Countdown to PDC2008: Secrets Revealed
  • Lips at the Bestival on the Isle of Wight

    I’m heading off tonight to the Isle of Wight ( located here ), where I will be rocking out at the Bestival festival.  Apparently Amy is still due to headline – she’s been doing all her tour dates recently so fingers crossed! On the XBox 360 stage...
  • Microsoft BlueTrack

    New technology that lets you use a mouse on any surface is nearly here, there’s a sneak peak trailer on the Microsoft hardware site .  It’s landing on the 9th, and it’s very nice :-)
  • New Windows Ad

    So it was finally released in the US, the TV ad that features Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Mixed reactions on the blogosphere some people confused , some excited and some slating it .  Point is, it’s just the start and kicks off the conversation...
  • Live Mesh Mobile Client pops up down under

    Kudos to Long who snapped this demo at TechEd Australia of the Live Mesh Mobile Client.  This is the first appearance of the client and is just the start of a long list of client apps that will be appearing soon – exciting stuff.