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Windows Essential Business Server - why didn't they just call it Centro?

Windows Essential Business Server - why didn't they just call it Centro?

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This was an opportunity for a business product to join the ranks of Silverlight, Zune, Mediaroom and Surface - some of the coolest products we've named recently but instead they've settled on the name Windows Essential Business Server.  OK, so perhaps a cool name like Silverlight isn't really the best option for a business product - I know :-)

There is a more practical slant to this critique in that my job is made harder by these kinds of decisions. 

Windows Essential Business Server has been specially created for businesses that are considered midsize - those with up to about 250 PCs.  When trying to explain to people what exactly they need from a server it would be great if the product name did half the explaining itself. 

However, I can predict the confusion now - businesses whether they are small (up to about 50 PCs) or large will see this product and the first word they focus on is "Essential".  "Oh right, so it's essential that get this server for my Business" - then we have to start explaining that it's not essential for them but essential for a certain size of business... oh well guess it keeps me employed!

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  • You could just refer to it as "WEBS". Or say "everyone else calls it Windows Essential Business Server, but <i>we</i> call it Centro", and wink knowingly. :)

  • Well I think essentially they couldn't agree on a name and they had to stick something on it quickly so they opted for the most confusing. The good news is it appears from the initials they chose for Essential Business Server EBS that maybe they will leave my beloved SBS alone and not rename it, many of us have grown fond of those initials :>)

    HandyAndy, SBS-MVP

  • names are funny things - my first impression was to include the W from Windows in the resulting acronym - WEBS

    dust off the shelf we've got a WEBS server :->  Was it a bad idea to release the product name so close to Halloween?  Are mid-size business equipped with Spidey Sense?

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  • If you want to know more (or sign up for the beta) on Centro ...I mean Essential Business Server...

  • Pictures from Beta 2 at TechEd EMEA:


  • På TechEd IT Forum i Barcelona ble for første gang Windows Essential Business Server vist frem. Dette er en ut av boksen løsning for små og mellomstore bedrifter. Jeg hadde gleden av å ta en nåe nærme ...

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