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Do you know how to deploy?

Do you know how to deploy?

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Who actually uses a DVD to deploy? Do you build PC's and sell them?  Are you frustrated?  Frustrated by the speed of your deployments? Do you find yourself waiting, brewing tea waiting, wondering if... if there is a better way, a better way to deploy the one thing that holds you back.  Yes, I'm talking about your Operating System.  I don't mean to be rude, but the number of people who put their hands up at roadshows when we ask the question, "who installs their OS using DVD" is quite frankly worrying...no disturbing.  Let me put it in perspective.

If you are installing your OS, beit Windows Vista (preferably) or Windows XP by DVD then in effect you might as well install it using floppy disks. 

Although technically not a fair comparison the analogy holds true.

What then is the alternative?  Allow me to share with you a secret, Desktop Deployment done right.  This my friends is something that literally every organisation should be aware of whether a system builder who ships PC's out the door or IT departments who look after and maintain PCs in their company.

Why would it be useful to know about this? Well, first there is the time saving which for most IT Pros will elevate them to god-like status within their companies once they start using the technology.  (God-like status not guaranteed).

Then there is the time saved maintaining existing PC's because you've got them all locked down via Group Policy! Yeah!

Ok, ok so you're done waiting for the link right, the one piece of information that's keeping you from deploying OS's and saving you countless hours from here on in...

Learn about Microsoft Deployment
Watch the Partner TV Video on Deployment technologies

Thanks to Viral for helping me put this post together late on a Saturday night.

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