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Windows Vista Backup - questions answered

Windows Vista Backup - questions answered

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There were a lot of comments in my post about Windows Vista backup I made in the summer and I wanted to follow up to some of the questions that I'd received having spoken to the guys who developed the features over in Redmond. 

Here are some of their responses:

  • 0x8007001B: Please check the firware of the the DVD Drive is up-to-date
  • 0x8007001B: The software knows how to swap DVDs
  • My recovery drive: don't touch it, it is perfect the way it is. Do NOT delete files - this thing is a life saver
  • 0X8007045D: please get the etls files from under c:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup and c:\Windows\Logs\CompletePC and we will take a look
  • My recovery drive is almost full: exactly the same thing: Do NOT delete files, do not put files, this thing is a life saver.
  • 160GB: depends on the source drive. Backing up 500GB on 160GB usually doesn't work. I recommend 2.5 times the size of the source disk.

Hope this helps with some of your queries.

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  • There is an interesting post over at blogs.technet.com

  • Wait -- why doesn't Vista backup automatically clear out older backups? I have a 300 gig drive that's taking daily backups of my PC, and it's filled within a week. Backup just fails due to low disk space. Why can't it just delete older entries?

  • I would like to know if the Redmond guys are still working on the 0X8007045D problem. This problem prevent my from doing a full system backup. Not an ideal situation! So if logs are still needed, let me know where to send them.

    Responce reference:

    0X8007045D: please get the etls files from under c:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup and c:\Windows\Logs\CompletePC and we will take a look

  • Has the issue related to the I/O error 0x8007045D been resolved yet?  I have tried so many things and wasted numerous hours trying to get the image backup to work.

    It did work one time for me and then I installed a mirror 0 drive and it never worked again.

    I will gladly send my Windowsbackup and Complete PC logs.  Just tell me where!




  • Hi, I got a HP tx1000 w/ Vista Ultimate.  Im having same problem trying to do complete backup ( error 0x8007045D) onto a 150 gb external drive.  I have noticed that SEVERAL people are encountering the same problem and it seems that Microsoft is turning a deaf ear to its customers.  I have not seen a fix for this problem and the posts have been coming in for over 6 months.  It would be great if you could give us all some feedback so we can backup our important data.  Or at least tell us where to send our etls files. God i wish i bought a mac. Vista=nightmare, please help me wake up.

  • It is now February 2008 and the 0x8007045d problem appears to be still unresolved. Is this the case or can somebody tell me how to get a fix for this problem. I am running VISTA Ultimate build 6000 and have accepted ALL updates offered from microsoft. I am trying to backup using the VISTA ultimate "complete PC Backup" facillity to a 500Gb LaCie external HDD.

  • Hello,

    I believe the problem lies in large files, such as ripped DVDs etc.  The more large files you have, the less Backup is able to split them up.  It therefore cannot find the sector (0x8007001B) because it doesn't exist - it needs a new disk and hasn't recognized that fact.

    Here's my work around:  Go to Search --> Backup and Restore Center --> Change Settings --> Change Backup Settings.  Uncheck, in the types of files to be backed up, <i>videos</i>, <i>TV shows</i>, and <i>Music</i>, in that order.  Vids are usually bigger than TV shows are usually bigger than MP3s.

    Run the backup now.  It should work.  After backup has completed, backup your vids and such if you wish, manually.

    By the way, I'm running a Toshiba A205 with 1gig RAM, 2gHz Centrino Duo, and Windows Vista Home Premium.  The problem only cropped up recently after I ripped a few personally owned DVDs for playback on the go.

    I hope this helps someone out there.


  • Had alot of probs when buying new puter with Vista Home Premium.  Had to restore alot.  Now my drive D: is just about full and cannot restore.  When I go to restore points, there are only two in there and they are old.  Also, every update that comes thru fails.  I have defragged the drive etc.  but is still full.  Need to get these updates, what do I do with this drive D: so I can get automatic updates without them failing everytime?

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