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Word 2007 freezes after installing patch from Windows Update

Word 2007 freezes after installing patch from Windows Update

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Jeff from New Jersey left a comment on one of my posts telling me about a problem he was having with Word 2007 after applying a new patch which he downloaded from Windows Update.  The problem was that after installing the patch he couldn't use Word - it just froze.  A bit of a weird problem but after speaking with the Word team it had been reported by a couple of users before.  Here's how to get round the problem:

1. Run regedit.exe from the command line (regedit.exe)
2. Navigate to and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Data

Please note this is not an official workaround.

Just as a side note, before I worked for Microsoft my perspective of the company that there was no way to interact with it and no way of getting an issue resolved.  Now that I work for them, I feel like I can make a difference with my blog providing a gateway into the company and its experts.  It's just a small thing but it makes me feel good.

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  • Hey thanks for the tip!

    Was just about to reinstall Vista - this bug was doing my head in.

    Hope the guys at MS are working on a fix to the update.



  • I'm having the same problem with the 2007 suite. The computer freezes after it's been on awhile. It's happened with WORD and ACCESS. My OS is windows XP. Any ideas?

  • Hi Shinynavigator,

    Have you tried the regedit fix yet?


  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem not able to open word or powerpoint 2007. they freeze as soon that I open them?

    I have tried the above solution did not work

  • HI,

    I tried this solution, but it doesn't work.

  • I did run the regedit file and also removed the updates dated 28 August. Yet still Windows Vista word 2007 freezes up every time it is opend. Microsoft do not seem to care ! Is there any thing else I can do apart from moving to an apple progam. Very disapointed as this is occurring on a new soney Vaio 17 inch. 10s of thousands spent to have the best and feel as though I have the worst program ever.

  • This was EXTREMELY helpful.  I was ready to revert to XP and/or throw my Vista machines out the window (no pun intended).

  • Thank you, thank you , yahnk you - this worked like a champ - I tried a number of other tips - with no luck. thanks again

    Paul Downs

  • Awesome. You just solved a months-long persistent headache.

  • Sincerely - THANK YOU!

    I woke up to a restarted computer after a MS update and was unable to use Word.  This was the best (and easiest) instant gratification fix I've ever had.

  • You Da Man! teaches me to patch Office! the reg fix worked.

  • My daughter just had the same problem after Windows Update performed an unrequested fix on 11th April 2008. Your fix worked immediately. As she is a busy barrister, this was invaluable information. Thank you!

  • Nothing. I was hoping that it would be this easy but not my luck.

  • You rock man! the work around works. really grateful. this small thing you are doing is making a big impact. Keep up the motion.


  • Hi John sorry to hear it didn't work, what happened exactly when you tried the solution?

    Hi Fahad - glad to hear you liked it - your comment just made my day :-)



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