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Chat to the team who created backup in Windows Vista

Chat to the team who created backup in Windows Vista

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Have you got a burning question about anything related to the backup technologies in Windows Vista?  Perhaps you've got some feedback you would like to share?  Well, if so, mark the 10th and 11th July in your calendar because the team who brought you Backup in Windows Vista will be available to chat.  Here's how it breaks down:

  • July 10th - Offline Files
  • July 11th - Backup, Complete PC Backup, System Restore and Shadow Copies

I know there are some things I would like to ask them, what about you?

For more info check out the team blog, entitled "The Filing Cabinet".

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  • the vista backup last night messed up my computer big time.  what was this backup about?!

    cursor doesn't work in word 2007!

    can't open documents from my text retrieval software (dt Search)!

    please explain.

  • Hi Jeff

    Sounds like you've got some quite specific issues.

    If you could get in contact with me via my Contact page or by emailing me at james@microsoft.com I can help you sort your problems out.



  • James:

    New HP Pavilion dv6235nr with Vista Home Prem.

    ALL attempts to create Back-UP files on Drive "E"

    (using DVD+R) have failed ! The back-up appears to complete but ends in an error message sector error

    code (0x8007001B).  I have tried with Windows DVD Maker, etc, etc., with the same results.

    I also got following errors from Windows DVD Maker    error   7.0.6000.16473  

    I have run chkdk C: /F /R  and defrag, etc. - no problems detected.  The restor point function works just fine on the C Disk, but all attempts to use Back-Ups has failed.

    I will attempt to send you an email with attached screen shots.


    Richard Spires


  • Hi Richard

    Thanks for letting me know - I'll get the problem passed on to the relevant team within Microsoft and get the problem fixed for you


  • Hi James:

    Problem with a new HP Pavilion dv6235nr running Vista Home Prem.  Error (0x8007001B)

    In my case the "problem" was twofold:

    1) The recovery partition "D" on the main "C" Drive filled up with attempted Vista Back-ups!

    2) The Vita Backup Files were large (about 5+ GB), hence will not fit on a DVD+R Disk !

    My work-around was as follows:

    1) Delete ALL of the unwanted backup file on "D" EXCEPT the Recovery folder which was put their by the manufacture (HP in my case).  These are typically D:\<PC Name>\Backup Set<Date and Time>\Backup Files\Backup files.zip  These are in the Catalog and Backup Set folders.  Use Windows Explorer set to view full path and file extensions to delete these files.  This takes some time and effort because the Recycle Bin on "D" must be empted several times.  Keep deleting until the only thing on "D" is the manufacture RECOVERY Folder, empty Recycle Bin, and an empty INI folder.  The "D" drive should now contain only about 500 Mb.

    2) Open Visa Back-UP and set the Back-Up Drive to the "D" Drive.  Set the Back-Up files which you need to back-up (e.g. Documents, etc.)  Caution if you have Picture, or a large amount of other data (>2 Gb) DO NOT include in this back-up; else it will be > 4 Gb !!!

    bacause the Back-up system adds about 2Gb of "System" data !!!

    Perform the Back-Up.  The Back-up files will be written to the "D" drive

    3) close up everything and take a look at "D"   It should contain your back-up files, which

    in my case, were about 3 Gb.  

    4) Select all of the files on "D" EXCEPT the Manufacture's Recovery Folder, and "burn"

    these Back-up file to a DVD drive using software included in Vista.

    5) Check to see that they ALL exist on you DVD !  If so, go back and delete ALL of these files from you "D" drive in preparation for the next back-up you wish to perform.

    I hope that this solves Error (08007001B).  Best of luck and regards.


  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the workaround - can anyone verify that this works apart from Robert?



  • James:

    I would be interested if their are better work arounds for the Vita Back- Up problems ? Will Microsoft help ?  Short of adding an external storage device (Disk and/or CD Burner) how does Via Back-up store large files (> 10 to 20 GB) ???  The need is to "burn" across multilpe DVDs (e.g. 2 to 6) !!!

    Please inform?  You can send me email at


    Dick Spires  

  • Hi Dick,

    Let me speak to the backup team and I'll try and get a response to your question.



  • In my latest attempt to instigate "Back up files" from the Backup and Restore Center, this is what happened: I used a fresh DVD and started it. It ran for at least three hours, alternately copying files and writing them to the DVD (the DVD drive spinning up and down regularly to receive the files). During this time, green bar in the progress window never got further than about 40% of the distance. And after all this, an error message appeared:

    "The backup did not complete successfully"

    "An error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error:"

    "The system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003)"

    The size of the files on this DVD was approximately 2.25 GB, a lot less than what I added up from the 12 CD's that I put the first Backup attempt on last week (12 * .70GB = about 8.4 GB. This is frustrating trying to use an advertised feature of Vista and it does not seem to work properly.

    Any thoughts on why the Backup failed with that error? Thanks.

  • Yes, i agree with all the above postings!

    It is VERY frustrating that the Vista BackUp/Restore function DOES NOT work!  Apparently, it does not work on various manufactures machines and/or for large  amounts of data (>4 GB) which require multiple burns  of DVDs. Does it even work properly with an external large disk or flash drive ?  I have not seen any comments on the latter?  Please respond.

    Email rspires@ohiohills.com

    Dick Spires

  • Hi Richard,

    Please can you let me know when you've run the trace and send it back to me?

    The backup team are sourcing your machine so that they can replicate the issue and take action.  With your trace this will be much easier to do

    Thanks for your help and support.


  • Hi retexan

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the Backup and Restore feature in Windows Vista, I'll let the team know and see if they know anything about this issue.



  • Hi Retexan,

    Can you send me your ETL files which should be located in C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup ?

    We can then diagnose the problem for you.

    My email address is james at microsoft.com



  • I changed directions a little on this problem today. I bought a modestly sized (160 GB) external hard drive and did my Vista Backup to this drive. It went very fast compared to the DVDRW and completed successfully with approx 7.9 GB stored. I feel this is progress for me with at least one successful Vista Backup. I will see how this goes in the future.

  • Hi Retexan599

    That's good news.  Can you tell me what type of computer you have?


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