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Windows Vista Sounds

Windows Vista Sounds

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The user experience is a high priority for Windows Vista, and part of that "experience" are the sounds that come with the operating system.  It's incredible the amount of work that goes in to capturing that perfect sound to represent different events in Vista, and we went to the trouble of drafting in Robert Fripp who I've personally never heard of, but my dad says was pivotal to the music era of the sixties (apparently).  Despite me not knowing who he is, he hails from a sleepy part of England called Dorset - and whilst that bears no relevance whatsover to the sounds in Vista, does mean he is British - which for me at least is something to be proud of.

More recently, it seems Fripp has been dabbling in producing atmospheric sound effects using to his trusty electric guitar, and those are the kinds of sounds you are going to hear in Vista - you can check out him in the Microsoft studios recording the sounds on this video

So over the weekend I installed a nice shiney RTM build and the sounds have been upgraded from the ones in XP to the new creations by Robert Fripp.  I'd thought I would share some of these with you and I've compiled them in this mp3 which you can download and listen to below.

The sounds I cover are the following:

  • Critical Stop
  • ReadyBoost drive inserted
  • Windows UAC control prompt
  • New e-mail notification
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Exclamation
  • Windows Start
  • Exit Windows


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Download the mp3 here!

  • Yes, Command "A" soudtrack is very nice ;-)

  • These sounsd just totally rock... everyone is for sure going to be blown away by this.

    Robert Fripp certainly can make some cool sounds with his guitar!

  • I love it Dude. And in this way, do you have Vista's background ? ;)

  • The e-mail notification is the most accurate. WinMail still does a lousy job on Spam. Its a real treat though, thanks James.

  • I am english too - but i am worried about your sense of humour.. is this TRUE!?!! Wow, I feel an idiot, but i am not sure - please tell me you are kidding me! Sounds rediculous

  • Hello again, ok, this really was a wind-up; and a good one at that.. i should have listened to all of them (inluding the new mail) instead of just the critical stop, and opening windows...

  • Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more ;-)

  • ha ha ha... how about the real sounds?

  • I think this is the best sound scheme ever!

  • ROFL :-)

  • seriously is this real???

    or just a joke????

  • VERY funny - thanks :)

  • Are you serious? These are really the sounds of vista?

  • seriously a waste of 1:46 minutes of my life...

    i wasnt expecting this...

  • You got to be kidding me.

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