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  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine Online - July 2007

    This month's edition covers two areas - Communications and Windows Administration. Communications IT is all about communicating information, and protecting that information as it is stored and transmitted is paramount. There are many ways data can be lost, corrupted, or stolen, and you must protect against...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine November - Happy Users = Happy Admins

    Check out the November issue of TechNet Magazine. Its got some good articles around using BDD 2007 and SQL Server around desktop deployments, how to create a secure messaging environment with Exchange Edge Transport Servers plus more. Windows Administration Changes to Offline Files in Windows Vista It...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine Online - June 2007

    It's security month again. Learn how User Account Control in Windows Vista protects the machines you manage by limiting the administrator privileges users normally run with. BitLocker Drive Encryption, another Vista feature, adds security as well by providing full volume encryption and the validation...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine March 2010

    There are some great articles in this month’s TechNet Magazine .  The theme for this month is about Cloud Computing. Privacy in the Cloud Computing Era : A Microsoft Perspective by Microsoft Microsoft, NSF Open Azure to Researchers by David Nagel Can We Secure Cloud Computing? Can We Afford Not...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine October 2007

    The TechNet Magazine is out for October and has some great features including a section on Green Computing. F eatures Build a Green Datacenter A Guide to Active Directory Replication New Software Update Management Tools Exchange Edge Transport Servers at Microsoft Optimizing SQL Server CPU Performance