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  • Blog Post: TechEd 2014, new MVA greatness and your Hero status awaits...

    With two TechEd's throughout October and the Microsoft Azure Australian Geo launch, it has definitely been a busy month for Microsoft Australia. If you didn't get the chance to make it to TechEd Sydney or Melbourne, all the sessions are now up on Channel9 and paired with MVA courses for you to...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Australia 2014: Tickets on Sale!

    Over the last 20 years, TechEd has earned its title as Australia’s leading tech event for developers and IT professionals. In 2014, it remains the best event to future-proof your skills and engage with the big cloud transformations shaping our industry. With an agenda spanning four tracks –...
  • Blog Post: Introducing Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises US and Gear Up for TechEd Australia!

    In the US, an exciting new event approach was announced on the Channel 9 Blog with the following: " The world of IT and enterprise development and your needs are rapidly changing. In a cloud first, mobile first world you need: The broadest range of learning opportunities across the breadth...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Most Read: Your 2013 Wrap-Up

    With only a few days until the end of the year, what better time to sit and reflect on the year that was? 2013 was a big year for IT Pros, with the general availability of the R2 wave of releases , the rise of the mobile worker , the continuation of the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1 , more resources...
  • Blog Post: Tech.ed Australia 2011 Call for Topics Now Live!

    As many of you know I'm looking after content end-to-end this year for Tech·ed Australia 2011 and we have reached the first of many milestones that we have in planning such an event.  Today we would like to announce the availability of the Call for Topics tool for those of you wishing to submit...
  • Blog Post: Get your creative hats on! Tell us your ideas for Microsoft TechEd 2010 Australia

    As you know (if you don’t you should!) TechEd 2010 Australia will be held on the Gold Coast 24-27 August .  We need you to put your creative hats on (or whatever you put on when you need to get creative) and tell us your ideas for what you want to see at TechEd 2010.  The idea could be to do...
  • Blog Post: Welcome back from TechEd and preparing for R2

    Welcome back from TechEd! It's been a couple of weeks since we returned to the office, equipped with loads of great information about the latest releases and deep-dive training. It doesn’t stop here though, and whether or not you attended TechEd, there's plenty of great content out there for...
  • Blog Post: @TechEd 2008 – Photos from day 2

    Some pics from day 2 at TechEd. Another guy who loves TechNet TechNet Plus Video Testimonials Upcoming devices from Windows Mobile
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2008 Delegate Preferences

    We decided to ask some optional lifestyle questions for TechEd 2008 this year. Have a look below at some of the results.
  • Blog Post: Windows Server Hyper-V is available for Download

    Hyper-V has been released to manufacturing and ready for download here . It will also be available through Windows Update soon. I was also reading a good story about BMW Dealerships going Virtual across the world with upgrade plans to Windows Server 2008 64-bit and Hyper-V. Dont forget to check out our...
  • Blog Post: Virtualisation Pre-Day TechEd 2008

    Virtualisation is one of the Pre-Days we are offering at TechEd 2008 this year. Designing Next Gen Infrastructure with Microsoft Virtualisation This one-day event is a rare, one-off opportunity to map out and see built several different Core Infrastructure architecture scenarios that leverage virtualisation...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft MVPs review Windows 7 on a HP Mini 2140

    At TechEd Australia 2009, 2500 attendees were given a HP netbook as part of their admission deal. We asked 2 of the presenters at the event, who are also Windows MVPs, to talk about the netbooks, and why Windows 7 is the best operating system (OS) for netbooks. Check out the video below
  • Blog Post: SQL Server 2008 is Released to Manufacture

    SQL Server 2008 is now RTM and available to TechNet Plus Subscribers ! SQL Server 2008 Workgroup, Web, Developer, Standard and Enterprise is available via the TechNet Plus Subscriber download area. I was surprised to learned we have had more than 450,000 customer and partner downloads of the SQL Server...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Deployment videos from Tech.Ed

    Our community Tech.Ed EyeForce team got some great videos from Tech.Ed last week.  Here are some of the videos focused on Windows 7 Deployment. Remember you can trial Windows 7 today for 90 days with the Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day trial .
  • Blog Post: New Social Bookmarking on TechNet and MSDN!

    We have launched a preview of our Social Bookmarking application on TechNet and MSDN for you to start using. Social Bookmarking is a way to store your bookmarks on the web, share your bookmarks with others and explore bookmarks stored by other users. Some of the new features to look forward to in the...
  • Blog Post: Free Netbook offer at TechEd Australia 2009

    This is big news for those of you who are already or planning to register for TechEd 2009 this year.  We are giving each paid delegate an HP 2140 Mini Notebook with Windows 7 pre-installed. Click here for more details on the offer.
  • Blog Post: @TechEd 2008 – Photosynth’ing the TechNet Lounge

    Delicategenius made this cool Photosynth of us setting up the TechNet Lounge here at TechEd .  Love the high visibility vests which we have to wear during setup.
  • Blog Post: Australian TechEd 2008 Will be in Sydney

    We are working on getting the TechEd Site live this week. For those who didnt know its going to be in Sydney on the 2nd-5th September. Ill let you know when we push the registration site live.
  • Blog Post: Register for TechEd 2008 and Chat to the Track owners online

    As mentioned before TechEd 2008 will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre during September 2nd-5th. TechEd is the opportunity to get on top of the latest development trends and gain hands-on experience with the newest tools and platforms. Connect with new people, get new ideas, be a part of the experience...
  • Blog Post: What will be in the Unified Communications track at TechEd?

    Johann recently did a short interview with Colin Lee who is a speaker at TechEd 2008 about the Unified Communications track. Have a watch below.  
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2008 Track Session Planning need your feedback

    So our Track Owners are busy working on making TechEd 2008 the best experience for you in terms of deep and relevant technical content. Here are a few blog posts with some of the proposed sessions, feel free to leave them comments around what you would like to see. Jeff Alexander - Windows Server Track...
  • Blog Post: Have a look where our TechEd 2008 attendees come from

    Something new on our TechEd 2008 site is a map of our TechEd 2008 delegates across Australia. We encourage you to go to a local TechNet or MSDN User Group before hand so you can meet and greet your TechEd Peers before the event. Make sure you get along to the Demo Comp Finals which are happening across...
  • Blog Post: Are you going to TechEd Australia? Please fill out this survey

    If you are already registered for Tech.Ed 2010 Australia we would like to hear from you.  We are running a short survey to understand your experiences with Tech.Ed so far.  Click here to take part in the survey . Thanks, The Tech.Ed 2010 Team.
  • Blog Post: @TechEd 2008 – Photos from day 1

    Some pics from Day 1 at TechEd 2008. The Forza 2 Stand   This guy loves TechNet!   Playing with Microsoft Surface. This is amazing.   Some HP Servers powering TechEd   HP Guys in army gear
  • Blog Post: Do you love TechNet?

    If you do love it and you are at TechEd , make sure you grab one of these “I Love TechNet” stickers being handed out at registration. We will be giving out random prizes to those wearing their stickers at the conference.