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Live Mesh Tech Preview available in Australia

Live Mesh Tech Preview available in Australia

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UPDATE: Some people are still getting the page saying Live Mesh is only available in the U.S Only. I am chasing up the Live Mesh team for a update to the issue.

UPDATE 2: If your having troubles signing up please check your Passport profile doesnt have missing or incorrect information in the Country/Region field.

Live Mesh Tech Preview is now open to Australians without being on a waiting list. I have been using this since it was in Beta and really like it! Live Mesh is a great way to keep things synchronised across multiple devices through the web. It even supports P2P sharing and has a live desktop to access your files through the browser.


What is Live Mesh?
Watch this hands on video thanks to

Sign up at

  • Just tried to register and it mentioned that the service is not available to Australia yet an it put me on a waiting list. Any ideas?

  • Me too, same message as Peter, it says "Sign up for a reminder Thanks for your interest! Live Mesh is currently available in the U.S. only. Click "Sign up" to receive an email when Live Mesh is available in your country/region"

  • @Peter and Chris Let me double check with the Live Mesh team and get back to you!

  • What's the latest with issue ? I also signed up only to be told that I couldn't use it because I'm in Australia...

  • Thanks Deeps, I changed my passport profile as you suggested and it worked.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi all, I was very excited to see that Australia is now on the technology preview program for Live Mesh

  • @Peter good to see it worked.  Ill do a blog post around how Im actually using Live Mesh soon

  • All my passport information says the Country is Australia but I still get "You have to be US".  Is there a particular piece of profile which needs to be set?

  • I've made sure that my Windows live ID is up-to-date, and Country/Region: Australia is selected, however I'm still one of the users that is receiving the error, it's not available in your region.. Is this still a problem??

  • Same for me.  I have been over and over my profile using the profile centre and every address and phone number has Australia set as the Country/Region but still I get the "Live Mesh is currently available in the U.S. only".

    Any ideas?

  • Where exactly are you guys changing the country information in your LiveID?  Don't see a place at

  • Never mind.  Figured it out.

    Changed my Country/Region and all is good.

  • Thanks for that GollyJer.  I changed by live ID Country/Region at

    and it now works for me.  The email I got from Microsoft telling me about Mesh had an "Update Your Profile" link at the top which took me to:

    This is the WRONG place.  You must use the first link above.  I had thought the Passport and Live ID were the same thing but apparently there are two profiles.  I have no idea why.


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