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December, 2007

  • My new HTC Touch Dual Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

    Before I tell you about the HTC Touch Dual please note this is my first time back into the world of Windows Mobile since Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone . I had a HTC Canary which I used for a while. Since the Canary I have had a few Motorola's and...
  • Foxtel HD Blog

    I've been a subscriber to Foxtel for a while now, primarily for the sports and news channels. So the announcement of Foxtel HD got me pretty excited especially when all my friends in the UK are already watching the football in HD. Its great to see Foxtel...
  • IT Operations in the South Pole

    Check out the worlds most isolated IT operation - The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antartica. I gather Server cooling isn't really an issue? Looks like something from the Planet Hoth.
  • Early Xmas Pressie - Hyper-V Beta

    This Beta version has more features and capabilities not available in the previous Community Technology Preview of Hyper-V: Quick Migration High Availability Server Core role Server Manager Integration Download it today or Learn more about it Yes, that...
  • Windows 2000 Banner - Get your hands on the last one!

    As I was walking past one of our corridors I noticed a Windows 2000 Banner: Now I know Windows 2000 (originally called Windows NT 5.0, then Windows NT 2000) was a good OS for its time so I assume we have kept this banner up to keep its memory in peoples...
  • Happy Holidays from Microsoft Australia

    On behalf of the team at Microsoft we would like to wish you Happy Holidays for the upcoming break. For those going away have a safe trip and make sure you take plenty of happy snaps! Let us know if you have set up a travel blog. Thanks for reading the...
  • Are you a Stay at Home Server?

    Classic! Love it when he says - Why doesn't your Server go out and get a job?