With more and more interest in our Virtualisation Technologies I thought I would provide you with some information around our own local Virtualisation Expert Peter Fitzsimon.  After nearly 10 years as a PTS/ATS in Brisbane, Peter now works for the Windows Server Product Group (his boss is in Redmond) in a new team called the Global Solutions Technical Team which was set up last year to be a “swat” team for the Windows Server Product Group, primarily around Virtualization, and going forward to include High Performance Computing (Compute Cluster Edition).

Peter looks after APAC, so he does quite a bit of travel (He is in Seoul this week) doing customer, partner and internal meetings around Microsoft’s Virtualisation Strategy.

His blog can be found here http://blogs.technet.com/peterfi/ make sure you subscribe to his feed to keep up to date with the latest information regarding Virtualisation.