One of the more challenging tasks for an IT pro is building out and supporting a branch office infrastructure.  Come hear about the work we have done in this area to make it easier and more predictable:

MGT375  Branch Office Infrastructure Solution

Speaker(s): Claus Joergensen, Chris Johnson
Session Type(s): Breakout Sessions
Track(s): Management & Operations, Server Infrastructure
Day/Time: Thursday, June 9 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM Room: N 320 D/H
Branch office deployments represent complex projects for most organizations, especially large organizations (LORGs) and enterprises. Designing the branch office requires assessment and understanding of the infrastructure, including what is locally available and how each branch office is connected to the hub site, which can be a central data center (CDC) or regional data center (RDC). Naturally, organizations want to lower such costs, which is a significant motivator for many of them to pursue reducing servers in the branches. While this may be a long-term goal, many organizations have found that it is simply not feasible to completely remove the server from the branch due to productivity impacts, bandwidth constraints, and negative impacts on the core business of the branch office caused by the lack of availability and reliability for the network connection. Come to this session and learn about the Branch Office Infrastructure Solution to help your organization design and deploy hardware and software, and reduce ongoing management costs for branch office solutions. From a Microsoft perspective, it is important to deliver an easy-to-deploy branch office solution that incorporates a holistic view of core Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure services that reflect best practices.