We completed a big project on IPsec.  These guys are the authors and experts so if you want to learn about IPsec, this is session for you.

SEC330  Server and Domain Isolation Using IPsec

Speaker(s): Steve Clark, Charles Denny
Session Type(s): Breakout Sessions
Track(s): Management & Operations, Security, Server Infrastructure
Day/Time: Wednesday, June 8 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM Room: S 330
As organizations grow, controlling the access to the internal network can become impossible. Every day, customers, vendors and consultants may be connecting mobile devices to your network for valid business reasons. These mobile clients and distributed network environments expose the network to many threats if it is only protected by traditional perimeter or physical network isolation solutions. These traditional defenses lack the ability to provide an end-to-end security solution and are often too inflexible to support the requirements of a modern IT infrastructure. Network Isolation provides a new layer of network security that uses IPsec, group policy, and machine groups to isolate data moving between computers or networks in the organization. This approach allows development of a flexible, scalable, and manageable solution that provides a powerful layer of protection to an organization's trusted computers. This presentation is a technical discussion and demonstration of the technologies available right now to provide a proven and deployable enterprise-class isolation solution.