Solution Guide for Migrating Oracle on UNIX to SQL Server on Windows

The Competitive Platform Interop & Migration Solutions team announces the release to download and Web of the Solution Guide for Migrating Oracle on UNIX to SQL Server on Windows

Solution Purpose

This solution provides comprehensive process and technical guidance that shows how Oracle (version 8i/9i) databases and database applications (PL-SQL, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, and Oracle Forms) on a UNIX platform can be migrated to a Windows/SQL Server 2000-based platform. Since migrations have an impact on other elements of the IT environment such as infrastructure services, and development and test environments, the solution explains the migration process in the context of the larger IT environment. Customers are thus enabled to choose and execute optimal migration strategies. The guidance covers the Plan, Build, and Deploy phases of the IT life cycle in detail and contains a thorough list of references pertaining to Operation. In addition to the guide, the solution package also includes a suite of job aids (templates for developing project documents such as a current state assessment and project plans).

The guidance is prescriptive in nature and captures best practices and lessons learned by subject matter experts involved in real customer migrations. It was developed and thoroughly lab tested in partnership with Scalability Experts and Infosys Technologies. It has also been validated with customers, including Unisys, Onvia, Cincom, and Healthtalk.

The solution package fully complements the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) tool suite recently released to beta by Microsoft.

Intended Audiences

Organizations: Enterprises and large and medium-sized IT organizations

Individuals: Stakeholders and high-level decision makers, including business and technical decision makers such as CIOs and IT directors; project and product managers; developers (IT Architects, Oracle Database Administrators, SQL Server Database Administrators, UNIX System Administrators, Windows System Administrators, UNIX Application Developers, Windows Application Developers, and Security Specialists); Testers (Windows Database and Applications Testers, UNIX Database and Applications Testers, and Test Engineering Managers); Release Managers (Technology Specialists, Deployment Managers); Usability Experts, and Documentation Specialists.

Different chapters of the guide will be relevant for different decision makers and team members, depending upon their project responsibilities.

Solution Topics and Features

  • Migration of database architecture, database schema, and data
  • Migration of UNIX applications to Win32, .NET, and Windows Services for UNIX to connect with SQL Server
  • PL SQL to T-SQL conversion
  • Interoperability of UNIX applications such as Perl, Python, and PHP, with SQL Server on Windows
  • Process guidance for the project organized by sequential phases as defined in the Microsoft Solutions Framework
    • Establishing business and design goals, defining risks, setting up team, etc. (Envisioning)
    • Assessing current state, designing the solution, developing project plans, etc. (Planning)
    • Migration activities (Developing)
    • Integration, security, performance, scalability, and operational testing of the database and database applications in the Windows environment (Stabilizing)
    • Deploying server, clients, and database in the new environment (Deploying)
  • Job aids in Excel and Word that give project team a jumpstart on producing project documents and other deliverables
  • Fundamental SQL Server concepts for Oracle DBAs

Where to Look

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