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Salary Survey Released

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Information Week released their recent salary survey.  Seems that people in general in this field are more satisfied this year than a year ago.  But what was interesting is this finding:

"While the majority of the 12,158 IT professionals surveyed say they're content now, would they do it all again? It doesn't seem likely: About two-thirds of the respondents don't see IT as a promising career. A combination of factors, including stagnant pay, the belief that outsourced work costs Americans jobs, and the recent history of economic and employment gloom, continue to haunt IT pros' attitudes."

So seems like it is muted optimism. 

The article went on to report that: 

"The survey shows that IT professionals expect their companies to help them grow in their careers. Two-fifths of the respondents anticipate further education and training, and nearly 20% expect reimbursement for certification." 

Does your company pay for training?  Do agree that you expect your company to help you grow your career?  Do you get reimbursed for certification -- if you hold an MCSE did they pay for it?

Other interesting findings:

  • A large majority of staff (69%) and managers (64%) don't believe a career path in IT and the potential for salary advancement is as promising today as it was five years ago.
  • Only 33% of IT staff and 47% of IT managers say they feel challenged in their positions
  • Two out of five staffers and managers are somewhat or actively looking to change employers. Yet a craving for job security exists.
  • Overwhelmingly, the survey-takers contend that the current trend toward outsourcing harms the IT profession: 68% say the results of outsourcing are fewer IT jobs; 61%, lower employee morale; 53%, new hires receive reduced salaries; and 42%, fewer chances for advancement.

Your thoughts?


  • Interesting survey, but I've seen these things swing back and forth a lot over the years. It's a bit like the markets - over an extended period they always do well (go up) - shorter term they can look great, or dismal. Same with IT, it's in favor and out. It's still a good bet for a career though.

  • It's a very immature industry and faces further and extensive disruption.

    I'm not surprised about the feeling of insecurity as new tools supercede the requirements for highly skilled workers, especially in the 1st world where labour IS expensive to both grow (cost of education) and hire (cost of onshore over offshore).

    I think most on the cutting edge feel the information age will be several orders of magnitude more dramatic than the mechanical age and it's still early days.

    On reflection IT is perhaps akin to super-plumbing except the traditional plumber's job has not changed much in 20 years - the IT dude on the other hand has undergone countless bouts of re-education, new best-practice lessons and continual study of technique and implementation, no sooner has he mastered one space another one arrives and supercedes it.

    Scary huh ;-)

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