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Are there jobs or not?

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So earlier this week I wrote about reports of large declines in the IT employment sector.  The today on TechWeb, I see a report that students should see a growth in recruitment of 8-15% -- the best market in years for engineering grads.  So I am confused.  Are their jobs or not?

Are you planning to hire?  Are you looking at this new graduating class?

  • I don't know about that, I'm still looking for a job.

  • It depends on your self grown knowledge. The jobs are there for the people who went above and beyond, and know real world experience from self improvement. For the people who went to school thinking they will learn enough in school to get a job easy, think again. Experience in the industry is what most companies are looking for. Fresh heads that need to learn and adapt to real world scenarios vs the outdated book world scenario's. I think the jobs are there but the experienced workers are actively filling them.
    (My Opinion!)

  • Hiring? Sure, some people who can prove their value can get hired in any market; but there's still a lot of interest and investment in Pune, Mombai, Chennai, and similar spots...

    What will happen to these companies when their customers cannot afford their products because too many places have laid off workers and off-shored all of their subcontractors?

    I think a certain national interest should be applied--you cannot get a contract with Local, State, or Federal Government if you off-shore more than 5% of your total headcount (not just $$$)... but the Denocrats and the Republicans want to get those corporate campaign contributions...

    Protectionism? Yes. If France supports Airbus, we ought to support Boeing dollar for dollar... and so on with every country we deal with.

    Walmart is a great place to shop; but by buying clothing made by Chinese workers living in caves, we're encouraging slave labor and enriching the Communist government which abuses them...

    Similarly, corporations don't encourage good human conduct. They encourage maximizing shareholder wealth, i.e., stock price--and that in the short term.

    In the end we'll all be judged by what we did. Make sure your actions were moral.

    I hope, in my long-winded way that I answered your questions.

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