Welcome to IT Prose -- this blog is going to focus on the team called Core Infrastructure Solutions or CIS.  We are a team of about 70 people, most of whom have been or still consider themselves to be IT professionals.  Our team sits in the Server and Tools division here at Microsoft.  That means that we are in the same organization as the product teams building our Windows Server 2003, SQLServer, Exchange, BizTalk, and the team working on Visual Studio. 

Our focus is to build engineering guidance and automation (in the form of tools and scripts) for IT Professionals to help them solve some of the tougher problems.  To do that, we look at the world from a scenario or business problem perspective.  So, rather than thinking about a particular product, like Exchange, we think about the problem of how will an enterprise build out a messaging solution or what is the best way to build out a system that will allow its world wide offices communicate with each other.  Our guidance may end up looking to Exchange as a peice of the solution, but we will also talk about specifically what architectural considerations you need to make, what the build process looks like, how this will be deployed, and what it takes to operate this over time. 

We run a 400+ server lab, which we use for development and test and it contains a variety of hardware and software (yes, that includes a variety of operating systems).  Our organization has experts that look at management, security, architecture, and interoperability issues.  We have staff that look specifically at the small and medium business needs and design solutions for the unique needs of that audience.  We also are the team that owns the Microsoft Operations Framework -- our view on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). 

More later.  Thanks for reading.