Some application scenarios may require, or desire, a static public IP address, so that you have predictable IP addresses for handling network traffic and firewall rules. When migrating these applications to a cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, reserving public IP addresses for these applications can be an important step in your migration plan.

Step-by-Step: Reserve a Public IP Address in Microsoft Azure

In today's article in our Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud series, Brian Lewis shows us step-by-step how to reserve a public IP address for hosting application workloads on Azure.

From Brian's article: "Hopefully by now you have had a chance to use Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Websites. One of the things you might want for your server on the internet is an IP address that doesn’t change. You may want this to ensure your outbound traffic from your Azure server uses a predictable IP address. This will enable you to set a DNS record or a firewall rule with your dedicated IP address. Another benefit of reserving an address is that you keep your IP address even when you de-provision your virtual machine. There are some important steps you need to pay attention to ..."

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