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    The topic of this post may sound a bit strange with many big words, but the reason of the topic is one.. One picture is worth a thousand words, so what I’m trying to explain is this: Unknown publisher?? I can’t install it for users, I want to deploy it silently… Scenario...
  • Blog Post: Debugging DsGetDCName in Win7

    Hi, That's just a short post while I'm working for a longer one. A couple of days ago I was debugging an application, and I wanted to set a breakpoint for the DsGetDCName function to figure out the flags being passed to the function – (
  • Blog Post: Optimizing NTLM authentication flow in multi-domain environments

    I’ll start with the obvious: Kerberos is the way to go. NTLM is less secure and is being de-emphasized in the recent versions of the OS . Your first option should always be to attempt to make your applications work with Kerberos. But things take time and it will be long till we find ourselves in...
  • Blog Post: GPP Drives maps causing slow logon due to unavailable file servers - and how to make sure they won’t

      Michael here again, and this time I would like to discuss the Group Policy preferences drive maps feature and some caveats on the way. The Group Policy Preference is a powerful new feature introduced with Windows Vista and later. Using the GPP opens a lot of new options like creating registry...