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  • Blog Post: Inspecting pending outbound changes between two DFSR replicas

    Well, as promised, this one is a technical post. Many words have been spoken about DFSR and there is not much I can add when it comes to inner works of DFSR and ways of troubleshooting it. But let’s assume for a moment that our DFSR deployment is fine and working as expected. The specific...
  • Blog Post: Authenticode, signing, VSTOs and what they have to do with CRLs

    The topic of this post may sound a bit strange with many big words, but the reason of the topic is one.. One picture is worth a thousand words, so what I’m trying to explain is this: Unknown publisher?? I can’t install it for users, I want to deploy it silently… Scenario...
  • Blog Post: Debugging DsGetDCName in Win7

    Hi, That's just a short post while I'm working for a longer one. A couple of days ago I was debugging an application, and I wanted to set a breakpoint for the DsGetDCName function to figure out the flags being passed to the function – (
  • Blog Post: Querying BITWISE flags in attributes

    As you know several attributes in the Active Directory are composed of BITWISE flags. This means that the attribute consists of several flags which may be (or may be not) set on the attribute, and querying these attributes may sometimes be a real pain… The main purpose of this post is to present the...