The following Troubleshooting Web access protection topics have been released recently to Forefront TMG 2010 TechNet documentation, including troubleshooting flowcharts, diagnostics, and resolutions to various issues:

Troubleshooting URL filtering—This topic provides guidance for diagnosing and resolving URL filtering common issues, and a flowchart to help you troubleshoot and resolve the following issues:

  • Incorrect or unknown site categorization.
  • Failure to prevent access to blocked sites.
  • Inconsistent access based on IP address.

Troubleshooting NIS—This topic provides guidance for diagnosing and resolving issues you may encounter with the Forefront TMG Network Inspection System (NIS) feature, including:

  • NIS troubleshooting flow
  • Troubleshooting NIS signature update failure
  • Troubleshooting NIS detection issues

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the content and on the new format.

Gabriel Koren, Forefront TMG Test Team