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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Research Sends 3 to CHI Academy

    Tweet Posted by Rob Knies Each year, SIGCHI , the international society for professionals, academics, and students interested in human technology and human-computer interaction (HCI), announces a short list of individuals who have been elected to the CHI Academy. You might wonder...
  • Blog Post: In-Place: Interacting with Large Displays

    Posted by Rob Knies Computing in the 21st century increasingly is embracing touch interaction. Whether it be on mobile handhelds, large electronic displays, or something in between, such user interfaces are becoming commonplace. Interestingly, researchers from Microsoft Research Redmond are expanding...
  • Blog Post: Hinckley Paper Makes Lasting Impact

    Posted by Rob Knies Can you remember details about what you were doing 10 years ago? Ken Hinckley certainly can. In 2001, he and co-authors Jeff Pierce , Mike Sinclair , and Eric Horvitz , had a paper called Sensing Techniques for Mobile Interaction " href="