• Buxton, Han on Channel 9: Friends Swapping Stories

    Posted by Rob Knies

    Bill Buxton (left), Jeff Han (center), and Channel 9 host Larry Larsen

    “3-D printing’s been around for years and years and years. That was called milling machines and, later on, stereolithography, but the cost has changed by orders of magnitude, which makes it possible—just as lower cost made personal computers become accessible. It’s the same kind of thing, personal manufacturing.”

    That’s Bill Buxton of Microsoft Research, discussing design during the latest episode in Channel 9’s ongoing series Microsoft Research Luminaries. Buxton, author of the book Sketching User Experiences, is joined by Jeff Han, a pioneer in multitouch interaction, for the first of four weekly discussions with host Larry Larsen, scheduled to be released each Wednesday during the month of February.