Posted by Rob Knies

Star Trek into Darkness logo

Do you speak Klingon? If not, that could all be about to change—thanks to Bing Translator’s just-released Klingon machine-translation system, developed in part by Microsoft Research.

For more details, see the post over at the Bing Translator Team Blog.

The language, familiar worldwide to numerous fans of the iconic science-fiction TV series Star Trek, has been added to the robust offerings already available on Bing Translator, just in time for the May 16 premiere of the new film Star Trek into Darkness.

The machine-translation technology behind Bing Translator is built on more than a decade of work at Microsoft Research and delivers a flexible, instant, cost-effective automatic translation service to help clear the language barrier for businesses, developers, and users alike.

Communication via Klingon? Tomorrow’s technology today!