• N.Y. Workshop Caters to Emerging Field

    Posted by Rob Knies

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    How can influential people be identified on social networks? Can Twitter data identify the political ideology of legislators? What, exactly, does it mean that something on the web has “gone viral”?

    Mushrooming interest in social networking raises many intriguing questions, and in an age of big data, the explosion of content in those networks offers a new means of exploring the answers to those questions. Such opportunities provided the basis for CAOSS 2012, the Workshop on Computational and Online Social Science, held Oct. 12 in the Altschul Auditorium at New York’s Columbia University.

    The event was organized by Sharad Goel and Jake Hofman of Microsoft Research New York City, researchers who are shaping a new field at the intersection of computer science and social science just as it begins to coalesce.