Posted by Rob Knies

 Bill Buxton on Distro cover

Distro, a magazine-like publication from the folks at Engadget, just published its 37th issue, and featured on the cover and in a fascinating Q&A is Bill Buxton, principal researcher at Microsoft Research.

The publication is available as a .pdf file, which you can download. You’ll find the Buxton piece about three-quarters of the way down the document.

The Distro writer, Donald Melanson, gets Buxton to address a number of subjects, such as design at Microsoft, his take on the “post-PC” era, and natural user interfaces. Perhaps most interesting is the portion when he turns his gaze to the future of technology:

“In the future, neither the physical world nor the digital world will be sufficient by itself,” he states. “The ability to translate your real-world experience metaphorically into the things that you want to do in the virtual world is key.”

Enjoy the read, and once you’re done, spend a few minutes taking a look at the amazing Buxton Collection.