About Inside Microsoft Research

About Inside Microsoft Research

Welcome to Inside Microsoft Research. We feature a variety of news and informational nuggets from our facilities around the world, and there will be plenty to discuss. For 23 years, Microsoft Research has been pushing the envelope in computer-science research, in continual collaboration with academic, governmental, and industrial colleagues, to achieve computing advancements previously considered beyond reach. That progress, as this blog will demonstrate, has contributed substantially and repeatedly to software used daily by hundreds of millions, and the future holds promise for even more customer-delighting breakthroughs in years to come.

We will be exploring the people and the projects that make those advances happen, and, along the way, we'll attempt to share a bit of the engaging culture that enables Microsoft Research to attract top computer scientists the world over. On occasion, those highly esteemed individuals will be invited to contribute their particular perspectives in this space.

Visit our research news center to discover what else is new, not only from our writing staff but to see what others are writing about our research.

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy! And please feel free to let us know how we are doing by using the contact form below.

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